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Spirited Entrepreneur

Giggles – Yep this is where my brain waves popped out from a 

World called Enter Shab and created:

A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality


Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Digital Street Voyeurism

Grab your ‘FIRST SHOT OF BAYLEE just below to 



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More Babes! More & More

 Just a drop of water in an endless sea of sexuality & Hippie Luv.  I am quite adventurous, coupled with a very vivid imagination for the erotic minds.  I consider myself to be creative, down to earth & friendly.  A free gypsy soul… Really, a gal giggling while being real in this fake world.  A gal who you luv being around because she makes you feel alive – Like a SPLASH of water from the endless sea of sexuality. 

Unleash your Creative Spirit