Babes... I'm your Next Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

My one desire is to make your illicit fantasies come true. I’m  going to sweep you off your feet and leave you wanting More, MORE and MORE! for years to come. I’m undeniably addictive, dangerous and delectable with a naughty yet playful nature, sweet enough to melt in your mouth and spicy enough to overload your senses.

A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos is always up for a Cock & Coffee with a Shot of Baylee 
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Amazing Soul you have!
Yep - I gotta say - this is the new Chaotic Way of scheduling. I'm such a Hippie Luver trying new things - Just like you! Thanks for being amazing with the whole new CHAOTIC World stuff!
A Little More Babes...
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More and More Babes...
In this Chaotic World - I now ask you to arrive with a Mask on. I also will ask you to sign a COVID track sheet as well as I will take your Temperature
Ohh YES! Babes.. That's it!
Deposits of 25% will be cuming in 2021 Cancelation Policy will be in EFFECT

Ultimate engagements Mess of Gorgeous Chaos..

Wanting a little more Chaos in your life? 

Ohh babes.. you know you wanna find a wild weekend for the 2 of us..Just think how our good morning would start.. ummm

Cock & Coffee with a Shot of Baylee?

even just a sleep over to relieve the tensions of life.. I’m sure we can handle more than a couple of days.. what do you think?

Always, A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

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