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A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Baylee Shots

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Gypsy Travels

A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

I seen you smilin’ as the sadness disappeared like magic..
You’ve been here before,
Seein’ whose luv is the tightest.. whose kiss is the nicest.. whose touch is the rightest..

Yeah babes, Im gonna ride for you..
With my ivory skin, inviting bedroom brown eyes, luscious black locks,

But I ain’t gonna lie to you..
I’m the ‘Original’ Baylee, standing – 5’6 (with Flip Flops), enticing curves (34c-30w-34h), and a zest of charismatic appeal..

Let me be your next seduction…



The Journey of

Hi Babes & Beauties,

A – Mess of Gorgeous of Chaos is who I am.  A Spirited Gypsy who has indulged in the ‘TABOO WORLD’ in many different ways.  I’ve seen things, and then I’ve ‘SEEN’ things on almost every level possible. 

So, with saying that, yes, you could say that my lifestyle is as

‘UNIQUE’ as you all are.

Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

…Mascara can definitely be one of the hardest parts of the beauty routine. Nothing is worse than when you are applying your mascara, and you’ve worked an hour on the most flawless blended eye shadow, and with one slip of the finger…

Your mascara is all over your face.