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Giggles, I see you smiling’ as the sadness disappeared like magic…

You’v been here before,

Seein’whose luv is the tightest, whose kiss is the nicest, whose touch is the rightest…

Yeah Babes, I’m gonna ride for you…But I ain’t gonna lie to you…

I’m the ‘Original’

Standing – 5’6 (with Flip-Flops),

enticing curves (34c-30w-34h),

with a zest of charismatic appeal. Ivory skin,

inviting bedroom eyes,

luscious long black locks

Giggles - It sure is the hottest new playground for
Baylee Shots - A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos
Created in a World called Enter Shab for the sexually adventurous gents like yourself

Piece by Piece -I've got it covered! There's so much insatiable stuff - You’ll be caught up in a whirlwind of your own Mess Gorgeous Chaos.

To Be a true Voyeur in my World you'll have to get on the digital street of things and touch my member parts - Giggles. Just below you'll be able to check out 'my package'
from 'SAXX-ual'   brain waves of
'A Suitors' Sin - Smouldering Sexuality.
Here and there you'll be able to see my 'INNER   HOLE' with VLOGS about being real in this fake world.
TIT-alize you in every way imaginable…

A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality
Baylee Shots
A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Genuine Gents & Fabulous Females always admire, don’t they? Even those who can’t afford to come into my world, can still window-shop… Right? Just knowing I’m not for you doesn’t mean you can’t covet the merchandise.

Baylee Shots
Always, A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Amazing Soul
Yep - I gotta say - this is the new Chaotic Way of things. I'm such a Hippie Luver trying new things - Just like you!
Thanks for being amazing with the whole CHAOTIC World stuff!
On line Scheduling
Babes! Babes! You know this Mess of Gorgeous Chaos is a Hippie Luver with a nomad schedule but full of Gypsy Travels. On line SCHEDULEING cuming
Age Requirement
Just saying you must be at least 30 years old to enjoy any encounters with A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos - Baylee Shots. Remember babes - it's non refundable, so just make sure you're real like me & at least 30 years old!

My one desire is to make your illicit fantasies come true.. I’m going to sweep your feet and leave you wanting. MORE, MORE & MORE for years to CUM! I’m undeniably addictive, dangerous and delectable with a naughty yet playful nature.. Sweet enough to melt in your mouth.. GIGGLES and spicy enough to overload your senses
Always, A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos
Baylee Shots

Chaotic Travels

A sexual chameleon and true Hippie Luver… I believe the only thing to strive for in this chaotic world is the ultimate pleasure which I wish to share this journey with you. I like to get to know all my Hippie Luvers personally and provide an authentic, passionate experience with raw sexual energy unmatched like no other. No matter if you are a couple seeing to inject some spice, a lustful lesbian or a genuine gent..
Always, A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos
Baylee Shots

Hippie Luv Notes
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Morning ‘Cock & Coffee’ with a
Shot of Baylee