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Be a Voyeur in my World

Genuine Gents & Fabulous Females always admire, don’t they? Even those who can’t afford to come into my world, can still window-shop… Right? 

…Just knowing I’m not for you doesn’t mean you can’t covet the merchandise… Addicted to the Oozing Sexuality with Magnetism of Sexiness…


Baylee Shots
A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Just a drop of water in an endless sea of sexuality & Hippie Luv.  I am quite adventurous, coupled with a very vivid imagination for the erotic minds.  I consider myself to be creative, down to earth & friendly.  A free gypsy soul… Really, a gal giggling while being real in this fake world.  A gal who you luv being around because she makes you feel alive – Like a SPLASH of water from the endless sea of sexuality. 

Unleash your Creative Spirit

Always described as a life luver, yet a sassy muse with a zest for excitement and giggles. 

I left normal and regular to explore the outskirts of magical and extraordinary – Wonderlust consumes me – foreign hearts and exotic minds compel me. 

I’m just a Gypsy Soul with a vibrant hope for the unknown..

Baylee Shots – A Mess of  Gorgeous Chaos

A wrapped up, small explosive package oozes with a magnetism of sexuality.  Once the inveiglement starts, the magnetism of sexiness can draw upon the fascination of the sexual man east you crave…

A Gypsy Soul with a Warrior Spirit…