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Baylee Shots
A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

As A Suitors’ Sin with Smouldering Sexuality –  I continue to rapidly grow, and really, picking up what you’re laying down…

This is where my beauty unleashed it’s ‘creative spirit’ once again! Giggles – just in time for my brain waves to develop some more innovative ways for the original

Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Just below the belt, you’ll see that there is so much insatiable stuff about Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos who truly is A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality. 

Why not start your search in a hot, steamy site of a true sensual aficionado? No matter what you’re looking to buy it’s time to move beyond sketchy personals ads and into a world where you can appreciate A.S.S. without judgment::                 

A Suitor’s Sin – Smouldering Sexuality

Be a Voyeur in my World means you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted and MORE and MORE.

Giggles – I’m ready to play, are you

Always A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos – Baylee Shots

Touch My Birdie

Wanna Know...

My one desire is to make your illicit fantasies come true. I’m  going to sweep you off your feet and leave you wanting More, MORE and MORE! for years to come. I’m undeniably addictive, dangerous and delectable with a naughty yet playful nature, sweet enough to melt in your mouth and spicy enough to overload your senses.

Sexual Feelings...

Giggles - It sure is the hottest new playground for
Baylee Shots - A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos
Created in a World called Enter Shab for the sexually adventurous gents like yourself

Piece by Piece -I've got it covered!
There's so much insatiable stuff - you'll be caught in a whirlwind!

To Be a true Voyeur in my World - you'll have to get on the digital street of things and touch my member parts - Giggles. Just below you'll be able to check out 'my package' from 'SAXX-ual' brain waves of 'A Suitors' Sin - Smouldering Sexuality. Here and there you'll be able to see my 'INNER HOLE' with VLOGS about being real in this fake world. TIT-alize you in every way imaginable

Up for a Morning 'Cock & Coffee' with a 'Shot of Baylee'?

A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos
& Proud to be
A Suitors' Sin - Smouldering Sexuality
Spirited Entrepreneur

Just so you know...

A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality 

has been

Created with ‘HIPPIE LUV’ in a world called ENTER SHAB

For the original 

Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Designed to satisfy all sexual desires in this Sexual Revelation.  It’s MORE! MORE! different than any other.  That’s right, it’s new to the Adult industry for sultry shopping & assertive advertising.  

Let’s get acquainted with one another…

Hi Babes & Beauties,


Always, A Mess of Gorgeous of Chaos – Baylee Shots is who I am.  Just a gal being REAL in this FAKE world.  A Spirited Gypsy who has indulged in the ‘TABOO WORLD’ in many different ways.  I’ve seen things, and then I’ve ‘SEEN’ things on almost every level possible.  So, with saying that, yes, you could say that my lifestyle is as ‘UNIQUE’ as you all are…


Always A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos
Baylee Shots


A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality


Your Ultimate Pleasure Awaits!

A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality is the digital street for Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos.  Yes! MORE! MORE & MORE! Shots of Baylee. I’m so excited I just have to splash out the details! But first…

Babes – let me “ASS” you a question.

Have you ever explored a sexy site, only to find out the captivating companion you wanted to be a voyeur in their world wasn’t real? Or worse, that “her” link went to a crappy “site” with nothing but generic pictures of unrelated women? Flashy banners that distract you in ways that shouldn’t be mentioned… most likely right?  You deserve so much better than that. Just think -a site that will make you feel weak in the knees and “get you there” for real.

I know right! Giggles

So Babes.. I had to change a few things up.  Just saying, it’s to make sure The VOYEURS who WANNA KNOW BAYLEE SHOTS – A MESS OF GORGEOUS CHAOS INNER HOLE are real.  That’s right Babes, I created this Digital Street Voyeurism, A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality for the in-between of FINDING A MESS OF GORGEOUS CHAOS in your home town.  

Giggles – Just click me below to start your journey on the Digital Street of Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos.  You know you wanna scroll down below and click it.. OH YES BABES, just like that!  See you at the lights

Digital Street Voyeurism

Babes... I'm your Next Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Check out my

A Suitors' Sin
Smouldering Sexuality

Giggles, I seen you smilin’ as the sadness disappeared like magic..

You’ve been here before,
Seein’ whose…

luv is the tightest, whose kiss is the nicest, whose touch is the rightest…

Yeah babes, Im gonna ride for you…
But I ain’t gonna lie to you.. 

I’m the ‘Original’ Baylee Shots

A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

standing – 5’6 (with Flip Flops), enticing curves (34c-30w-34h), and a zest of charismatic appeal.

Ivory skin, inviting bedroom brown eyes, luscious long black locks  

Baylee Shots – Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

& Proud to be

A Suitors’ Sin – Smouldering Sexuality
Spirited Entrepreneur

Orgasmic 'Only Fans'

I don’t mind being burdened with glamorous and sexuality. Beauty and femininity are ageless and can’t be contrived, and glamour,  cannot be manufactured.

Not real glamour; it’s based on femininity.”

Flawless 'Fly Me To YOU'

I think that sexuality is only attractive when it’s natural and spontaneous.

Hard-A.S.S Harlots

“If I play a stupid girl and ask a stupid question, I’ve got to follow it through, what am I supposed to do…

 look intelligent?”

First Class A.S.S Advertisers

Join our innovative way of Taboo Advertising

To hell with that, I said. There HAS to be a better way.

It turns out that the “better way” was to make a whole new kind of adult community, one that was completely unapologetic for what it is, and where everyone could cum to play. Singles, couples, the LGBTQ community, you name it. It it’s hot, sexy, and in demand, you’ll find it when you check out our A.S.S. community. That’s exactly why we want YOU in here right now! You’re beautiful, talented, and perfect for our community and you’ll find plenty of potential customers and clients here, too!

Let’s talk about what we can do for each other and others!

Always, A – Mess of Gorgeous Chaos



7 Days



14 Days



28 Days

Thoughts of

A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos - Baylee Shots

No one wants less of a good thing. You work hard, isn’t it time to play just as….hard? It’s time to explore the taboo side of the digital street and cum play with Baylee Shots – A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos in a community that can’t wait to let you in. No inhibitions, no boundaries, just a sensual buffet of everything you’ve ever dreamed about. Toys of the battery operated and lingerie-wearing variety: share your innermost secrets, in a bold, sexy new way to let your secret self out to play. It’s all on display and it’s all for sale – so why are you still sitting here reading this?


A Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

Spirited Entrepreneur & Founder of A Suitors' Sin - Smouldering Sexuality

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Always, A- Mess of Gorgeous Chaos

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